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I have always held the belief that to maximize on our ability & skill set, one should undertake a career or business in the area of interest - an area where our passion lies.

I've been fortunate enough to be able to do just that.

With the drive to make change and not just be a passive part of change around us, I wanted to make a difference. This combined with the strong urge to know & understand the world around me helped me get a deep insight into the business processes.

Riding the waves of change can be challenging & risk prone. And the simple fact is you get wet when you surf. Drowned in the digital flood which makes it hard to keep your focus and even sanity what separates the winners from the losers are the fundamentals & the will power to go on undaunted.

Looking back on the road traveled, I feel satisfied to have been a pioneer in the Asian online community having started the first and by far the largest BBS (Bulletin Board Service) in the India sub-continent (Live Wire! BBS) which later became a large network of BBSes and then ride the Internet wave to migrated the system to a successful ISP service (Live Wire! Net). All this around a young & successful company Nanda Netcom Pvt. Ltd. which started out as Online Services Before this, I did my share to bring awareness to the menace of computer viruses including co-authoring a highly successful book (War on Virus) and doing a hectic national lecture circuit while still in college.

Red Herring September 2000 magazine calls them "Super Heros - Entrepreneurs are our heroes. We believe that they are responsible for almost all innovation in business Most new wealth, and nearly everything else we value in the marketplace, is their work. Entrepreneurs overturn existing markets and sometimes create entirely new ones. Even when a big company does manage to create something new, it is almost always the work of a small band of piratical misfits at odds with the larger organization - "intrapreneurs" in the jargon of the business schools."

In the year 2001, having set the company in the firm & able hands of my brother Anish Nanda while still active in the management - both strategic as well as techincal, I went onto becoming a Director of Idea Ventures which invested into Nanda Netcom as well as incubated a couple of start ups. Both as CEO of Nanda Netcom and Director of Idea Ventures I'm closely involved with and working extensively on low cost IAD IAD (Internet Access Devices).

Starting as a passionately inquisitive child. I loved to explore, find new things, try things out and generally "have a good time" with novel things and share the "discoveries" with others. In the same spirit I started to dabble and mess-around with computers with a ZX Spectum home computer in my pre-teens. This brought me in close quaters with like minded people and we started & promoted MUC (Micro Computer Users' Club).

Around this time, the IBM PC & compatibles price came below Rs. 1 Lakh and I had my first exposure to PCs.

With that launched a new age of discovery & "playing around".

Three words that get me turned on:

Innovation Strategy Technology

"I Shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and:
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference."

Robert Frost